A Local School Made Self-sufficient with a Solar Unit Installed by IIT-Roorkee

India has a huge number of children and schools. These schools are categorically divided into the private and public sectors. Others schools which are becoming quite prevalent are the international schools. These have literally mushroomed all over the country. With so many good schools, the harsh reality is that only 29% of children are sent to international and private schools. Others are pushed towards the state-funded or government schools.

When such children step out of their house in a bid to get an education, at some point their education comes to a halt. This is either due to family pressure or inadequate facilities at school. Lack of monetary funding, academic resources, teachers and examination patterns are some of the factors which may hinder a child’s education. Other problems which also play a role are power and electricity problems. In summer months due to a shortage of power, the school may not be able to run efficiently. This further hampers the lab activities and the learning environment for children. One such issue is addressed by the IIT-Roorkee.

Recently, IIT-Roorkee in collaboration with the University Of Trento, Italy has placed solar units to make a local school independent of its usage of conventional energy. This is a first of its kind project in a local school in Uttrakhand. The school needs energy for cooking mid-day meals and powering of bulbs and fans along with other gadgets. All these needs are being taken care of by the unit fixed by the institution.

Work for installing these solar units in schools started in 2015. The aim of the project was to make schools self-reliant in terms of energy consumption. The project is being done under the Union government’s department of science and technology.

The installed solar unit is capable of generating power around 30kW. This is further utilised for cooking, heating water and preserving food for around 350 students. IIT-R is also planning to install another solar photovoltaic energy unit for the other needs of the school. The project is expected to complete by 2020 and the second phase has already been rolled out.

This is indeed first of its kind initiative. By adopting a local school, the IIT-R has made is self-resistant in terms of power consumption. When an issue like power is being addressed, the school can lax a bit and concentrate on resolving the other issues.

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