A saviour for voiceless: AUM Voice Prosthesis Rs 50 speaking device

According to scgcorp.com (The Scientific Consulting Group), nearly 80,000 new cases of throat cancer are diagnosed annually in India. Most of the patient loss their voice box after diagnosing the cancer. They could not able to speak after the surgery. Which of course is a very big trauma for them. So what if such a situation never arises after the treatment also? Can such a situation be handled in a better way? Yes, there exists a better solution.

Dr. Vishal Rao, a Bangalore based Oncologist has developed a very innovative product AUM voice prosthesis for the replacement of voice box. AUM does the same function as our natural voice box does. This innovative product cost only Rs 50/- as compared to American and European Prosthesis currently prevailing in the market, which cost INR 30,000/- on an average [4].

AUM Voice Prosthesis helps throat cancer patients to regain their voices even after their voice box is removed during surgery. But this time using their food pipe instead of the windpipe. [2, 3, 4].

Ramakrishna is a watchman by profession and cannot afford American/European prosthesis because of its high cost. He was the first patient to get an AUM voice prosthesis implant. After the surgery, he went back to his work speaking effectively. That’s the degree of reliability and cost economy of AUM prosthesis [4].

Dr. Rao has used this device on three patients so far. He further aimed to fine tune it so that it could reach to the maximum patients around the country. Where everybody will be able to afford Voice Prosthesis devices.

There are many innovators like Dr. Vishal Rao in our country who are very passionate about solving problems. You can also become an innovator and help India to become a better country.

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