Deshla, An Electric Three-Wheeler that can be Charged at Home

Global warming is a severe threat to the environment and the health of humankind. The rising temperature, severe flooding, droughts and rising seas are the impacts of global warming. A significant contribution to global warming is from the usage of personal vehicles. Carbon dioxide and other global warming gases released from these vehicles cause pollution and thereby global warming.

Our urban planners and transport department are continuously working on a measure to reduce pollution generated by vehicles. Amidst all these plans and proposals, students from IIT Kharagpur have given a solution in the form of an eco-friendly 3-wheeler electric vehicle “Deshla.” The car is designed from scratch by the Electric Vehicle Group of the college. The vehicle took around three years of research and development by the team of students and professors of the institute under the guidance of Mr Racherla, a professor of mechanical engineering.

The competitors of Deshla are the e-rickshaws (Totos) and rickshaws.

Why is Deshla better than its competitors?

Battery: Deshla uses lithium-iron-phosphate batteries that have a lifespan of 6-7 years. The Totos have lead-acid batteries that have a lifespan of 9-10 months. The cost of lead-acid batteries is around Rs.20, 000 to Rs.25, 000. This amount needs to spend every year for the maintenance of the battery of Totos. Deshla’s batteries are expensive in comparison to Totos, but they also have a longer life span.

Motor: Deshla’s battery can power 3.5kW motor, and that of Totos can power up to 1kW engine. That’s why Deshla provides more amperage than Totos leading to more torque and higher speed. Deshla can travel at a rate of 50km/hr.

Suspension: Deshla has got independent suspension like the one in cars. Totos have rigid axles like the one in trucks. This gives Deshla an upper hand in terms of stability and comfort on bad roads.

Brake: Deshla uses hydraulic braking instead of mechanical braking. Hydraulic braking is effective as compared to mechanical braking.

Steering wheel: Deshla has got steering wheel that supports gear mechanism unlike the handlebar in Totos and autos. The reason behind making this arrangement was to prevent Deshla from taking sharp turns which we find many of the auto drivers are into. It is a well thought pre-planned decision by the team.

Servicing: Servicing of Deshla is way cheaper and more comfortable in comparison to that of Totos and autos. The component of Totos and autos are shipped from China and assembled in India.  It is not the case with Deshla. The in-house team designs all the parts of Deshla.

Plans: The team is looking forward to raising funds for commercial production and set up their shop. Our best wishes to the team.

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