HomeBiogas, Turns your Waste into Renewable Energy

Today products are designed to have a fixed life span. It means they are only usable for a particular period of time before we dispose of. It is because we believe the usability of the product is exhausted. This is a linear pattern and is not feasibly sustainable for the environment. To safeguard the future, we have to bring into action the circular economy. The circular economy is a concept which reuses the wastage caused by the product to generate something substantial.

HomeBiogas, a privately held firm with its headquarters in Israel has leveraged the concept of the circular economy to transform waste into energy. The trash generated from food can be used to create energy which can be used to cook food. Indeed a perfect example of the circular economy.

How does the HomeBiogas System work?

  • Collect the food scraps produced when you cook a meal. It can be anything like fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy.  
  • Feed the waste into the system. It can consume waste up to 12 litres a day.
  • Bacteria in the system digest the food scraps and generate biogas. The process done by bacteria is as natural as the process of your stomach digesting the food.
  • The biogas is safely stored in the system. It can store up to 700 litres of biogas.
  • The stove in the kitchen is connected to the HomeBiogas system. When you turn on the stove, it consumes the biogas generated by the HomeBiogas system. It is just like the regular gas, but the only difference is this gas is renewable.
  • Apart from biogas, HomeBiogas system also produces liquid fertilizers. It can be used in the garden for the nourishment of your flowers and fruits.

Benefits of the HomeBiogas system

Using the HomeBiogas system is encouraging the usage of renewable energy. The liquid fertilizer produced by the system contains eight macro and micronutrients. It boosts the plant growth thereby, making them immune to diseases. It saves the money which otherwise is spent on gas bills and garbage collection. Also, the money spent on fertilizers can be saved. HomeBiogas system gives the return on investment in just two years. The best benefit of the system is it is perfect for the environment. The system reduces 6 tonnes of carbon emission per annum. It is an alternative source of energy and can be replaced by the fossil fuels purchased from your end.

Who all are using it?

People appreciate the HomeBiogas system in over 90 countries. It is user-friendly, eco-friendly and easy to use. All you need to do is dump the organic waste, and bacteria will do rest of the work.

We look forward to many more use cases of circular economy in the near future. It is the tech that matters.

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