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Inventions Made for Space Investigations, now Used in Daily Lives

Today, as we celebrate 50 years of the moon landing by Apollo 11, we cannot think about the many inventions that were done to make this mission a success.

Space investigations have always been fascinating. In turn, these lead to many innovations and inventions. What is amazing is, that many of the inventions done for Apollo 11 have made their way into our daily lives and yes, they are being used every single day without fail or technical glitches.

Here are some of the amazing inventions which have made our lives easier:

1. Sneakers: Shock-absorbing soles were the requirement of the hour. A NASA engineer came up with the idea of Compression Chamber midsole. They also got a patent for this. So now we know how lightweight running shoes which don’t break under pressure came into existence.

2. Camera Phones: The tiny camera in the latest mobile phones is yet another invention by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The small camera was invented to fit it in the spacecraft without being damaged with the immense pressure and at the same time maintaining the scientific quality. This technology is used by most of the cameras these days.

3. Water Purifiers: Small and lightweight water purifier units were made by NASA. These were used to purify water that was for human consumption in the space flight. The unit worked without any regular monitoring. Silver ions were used which killed any bacteria present in the water. This invention turned out to be very fruitful for daily use as well. The reason behind bringing it to use in daily use was that at that time chlorine was used which would dissipate due to heat or sunlight.

4. Vacuum Cleaners: These are very commonly used for vacuuming the house. But when these were invented they were used for the purpose of collecting samples from the lunar surface. Later they turned into cordless vacuum cleaners.

5. Vacuum-packed Food: The vacuum-packed food which is widely available at all the supermarkets was first invented by NASA. This invention was done in order to take care that the food does not spoil in space. The benefits of the vacuum packaging led to the prevention of the microorganisms from spreading and making the astronauts sick. Also, the astronauts got food with which they were familiar.

6. Polymer Fibre: The material polymer is made of long chains of molecules which display properties against heat resistance and toughness. A fire disaster, which led to the death of three crew members of Apollo 1 led to the awareness of flammable material. In the year 1950, Carl Marvelfirst invented polymer fibre. This fibre got famous because of NASA as it was tested under extreme conditions. It is now widely used to make uniforms for firefighters.

These inventions have definitely made our lives easier. Similarly, there are many such inventions which are actually made for a different reason but address to a different niche altogether. But whatever it is, the world of inventions is fascinating with more to look for every time.


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