Iodine Bindi: A Life-Saving Dot

Iodine deficiency disorder (IDD) constitutes single largest cause of preventable brain damage worldwide. Majority of the consequences of IDD are untraceable and cannot be reversed back but the same can be prevented. In India 350 million people do not consume iodine adequately. Out of 325 districts surveyed in India, 263 districts are prone to IDD. Most of the IDD prone areas are highly centered in rural areas. It is estimated that 71 million Indians suffer from IDD (National Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control Programme) [5].

Iodine deficiency causes a host of disorders like goiter, impaired mental development, and thyroid issues. As a result medical anomalies such as breast cancer and fibroids occurs to Iodine deficit patients. Therefore Iodine supplementation is targeted mostly at childbearing women, says Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja, director internal medicine at Max Hospital, Delhi. The main reason for prioritizing childbearing women is because during pregnancy and lactation period women need twice the amount of iodine they usually require. Children born to mothers who suffered from IDD are tended to have a low IQ and cretinism (stunted physical and mental growth) [1, 3].

Grey Group developed an innovative mechanism that transfers iodine inside a person’s body through skin. When doctors told them that iodine can be absorbed through skin. Then they decided to develop an iodine patch known as Iodine Bindi. To give it a wider appeal it was designed as Bindi. As almost every Indian woman wears a Bindi. So by transforming these iodine patches into bindi will make sure that women got the required dosage of iodine without making any changes to their daily behavior. These Bindis give out the daily required dosage of iodine to the women. It can daily deliver an amount of 100-150 micro grams of iodine to the body. These Bindis are required to be worn for up to 8 hours a day to be effective which is also applicable to pregnant women [4].

Production costs are bare minimum for Iodine Bindi which cost around 2-3 rupees per packet. It is easily affordable by the rural people, plus the Bindi does not have any side effects or cause skin rashes. Iodine Bindi can be worn for many hours at a stretch and after the iodine of the Bindi is absorbed by the body, it becomes a regular dot [3, 4].

Samples were distributed in the villages and got a very good response from the villagers. Iodine Bindi was just an idea which was designed to test its success.


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