Kalyani Srivastava: The Wonder Girl who built low cost air conditioner

The luxury of having an AC can’t be afforded by people living in rural areas when many of us enjoy the comforting environment an AC provides. For people living in the central and southern parts of the country, it becomes very difficult to afford an AC to beat the heat of the scorching sun. Drinking Rooh-Afza or the usual tea or coffee or lassi doesn’t help bear the heat. While we are comforting ourselves sitting in air-conditioned room, there are people who are deprived of this kind of luxury most of the people enjoy while working all day and night for their families.

The death toll from the intense heat that strikes India each year between March and July has dropped drastically over the past three years, according to the latest data from the National Disaster Management Authority.

In 2018, 13 people have died from exposure to extreme temperatures. Just three years ago, in 2015, the figure was 2,422. Last year, the national toll was less than 250. [1]

A girl from Jhansi, Kalyani Srivastava, came out with an exceptional concept of building a low-cost AC for the people who can’t afford a traditional AC. She not only built this low-cost AC for the rural people but for the rest of the world to beat the heat in a much eco-friendlier way.

The AC is so built that it does not cause environmental pollution and problems and hence the social welfare perspective has been kept in mind while designing such an AC. The structure of the AC includes a 12-volt DC fan connected to an ice box. [2] The air is released from the fan into the ice box made of thermocol and the cool air is released via a duct made in the ice box which help in decreasing the room temperature by 4-5 degrees when used continuously for an hour.

The low-cost AC works with a solar cell and hence it does not require electricity for its functioning. The equipment is not only a savior for the people in the region where it was designed but also keeps the environment safe from pollution and easy to use. For people in the rural areas, it’s a no electricity cost equipment and the students would also feel comfortable studying in a bit cooler environment escaping the scorching heat.

This kind of inventions help solve multiple problems, one is the providing better living standards for people especially in the rural areas and sustaining with the environment. The low-cost AC is serving two purposes but working as a single system. The functional purpose served aims at a better future and low-cost of AC keeps in consideration the social welfare of people.

Innovation and inventions like this help serve multiple benefits to the society.

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