Molift Raiser Pro – A Solution for the Balancing Issues

Elderly people face a difficult time standing up. There are high chances that they may fall when they have no support. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that one in five falls can lead to severe injuries such as broken bone or head injury. Undoubtedly, falls are scary, and many seniors and caregivers are interested in fall prevention mechanisms.

Problems in the inner ear also cause balance issues. The part of the inner ear that maintains the balance is the vestibular system. It is also known as the labyrinth. A condition called labyrinthitis occurs when the labyrinth becomes infected or swollen. Apart from these, diseases of the circulatory system like a stroke can cause dizziness and balance problems. Many medicines also can lead to balancing issues.

The traditional approach of using the stick while walking is a risky method. People who are suffering from short-sightedness face a difficult time during walking. The stick model is unreliable because it lacks much functionality like an efficient braking system, proper grip for holding, which is of utmost importance. There is always a psychological fear floating around the mind of the user while using a stick or other conventional modes of balancing and support.

To tackle this issue, Etac Group has come up with an innovative product called Molift Raiser Pro.

Molift Raiser Pro is a sit to stand ergonomic platform for the people finding it hard to stand. It reduces the risk of falling, thereby keeping the user safe. The ergonomic design also helps the caretaker inefficiently assisting the user of the product. Thus it creates a win-win situation for the user and the caregiver. It makes the transfer of a person from one place to another safe, efficient, and fast.


  • Molift Raiser Pro has got a versatile handle that has a soft, warm feel. It is designed to provide a firm grip. There are many grip possibilities in it which helps the users and the carer to hold the product comfortably
  • The product has got a central brake, which can be used by the user and carer. All one needs to do is one-foot touch, and the brake gets activated. This makes the product safe and efficient. The brakes can be applied in a standing position rather than bending down.
  • The leg supports can be easily adjusted with a one-hand grip. It is soft and has hygienic padding.
  • The base height of the product is just 35mm. It makes the user stand effortlessly on the Molift Raiser Pro. The stand surface has an anti-slip feature and visible contours to help the user.
  • Molift Raiser Pro can be used in confined spaces. It can turn around its radius and has no issues when the place is small. The user can improve his balance while standing up with the use of the product. It provides efficient support.

Indeed the right product for the people having balancing issues.

This product is indeed a blessing in disguise for many elderly adults. Do you have an idea or an invention which could make a difference in people’s lives, then please do share your views with us at Bots ‘N Brains and be the change you want to see!


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