OBDAS: The Future of the car Industry

Since 2000, while the road length has increased by 39%, the number of motor vehicles have significantly increased by 158%. According to 2015 data, there are around 222 accidents/ lakh persons in Goa. 110 accidents/lakh persons in Kerala and 100 accidents/lakh persons in Tamil Nadu [4].

In terms of fatalities, Tamil Nadu has the highest rate i.e. 23 fatalities/lakh persons. Karnataka and Haryana has 18 fatalities/lakh persons.

The main reason behind the road accidents is due to negligence from driver’s side. Because there is no proper mechanism to invigilate car’s working conditions. Lot of factors are associated with it, for example engine’s condition, tire pressure, braking systems etc. [4]

Mr. Archit Agarwal an engineering student from UPES, Dehradun developed a hardware device, On-Board Diagnostic Data Analysis System (OBDAS). It could prevent ongoing accidents around the country [6].

However only accident is not the sole responsible for the development of OBDAS.  Motor vehicle theft is also a reason behind the development OBDAS.

Motor vehicle theft in India is 13 cases per 1,00,000 and growing at an annual rate of 8.47% as per 2013 data [5].

[2]OBDAS (On-Board Diagnostic Data Analysis System) is based on data interpretation and diagnostics of a vehicle through an onboard diagnostic system. This plug-in technology will allow automobile and auto insurance companies to keep track of real-time data of car from the dedicated embedded system. Which is used for system diagnostics and performance evaluation of the car.

[6]In case of accidents, the OBDAS system will send the location of the car to emergency services so that any nearby hospital get to know about the accident. And they can dispatch their medical service to the location of the accident site. Which definitely help in minimizing the casualties.

Data is communicated to reliable sources for varying purposes i.e. from tracking the performance of a customer’s car to providing them on-time car maintenance. It also has an in-built anti-theft and surveillance functionality which effectively prevent your car from getting stolen by car thieves. Therefore OBDAS is like a one-stop solution for many problems related to motor vehicles.

Due to its low cost and advanced technology, it has won the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2018 in New Delhi. It has a large potential to revolutionize the car industry in terms of safety and security [6].

There are many young, passionate and energetic innovators like Mr. Archit Agarwal in our country. Due to lack of proper platform and funding many of them couldn’t continue to do it. So become an innovation catalyst at Bots ‘N Brains and help India to become a better country.

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