Pureplay – Playing it Clean

The Indian beauty market has witnessed a lack of conscience and transparency. The reason I mentioned conscientiousness is that many of the brands test their beauty products on animals. Such products are not allowed to be tested on animals in Europe and the US. There is no transparency because of the use of harmful constituents in the product. To tackle this issue, Mr Shankar Prasad, an IIT Bombay Alumnus, established the beauty market startup “Pureplay Skin Sciences”. He came up with entirely vegan, safe and cruelty-free beauty and grooming products.

Pureplay Skin Sciences has two brands: Plum and Phy. Plum offers products for women and Phy for men. Plum targets the women customer aged between the mid-20s to early 30s. This is the age when many women are beauty enthusiast and look for a safe brand. Phy offers products like face wash, shampoo and beard wash for me.

Pureplay Skin Sciences had an online presence at inception. Later they went for offline retailing. Now it sells its product across multi-brand outlets like Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop and modern trade retail-like Health and Glow, along with general trade stores and pharmacies. They are also selling their products through small and mid-size standalone beauty shops. Currently, there are around 100 Plum assisted shops. Shankar believes this number will grow to 700-800 shops in the next 3-4 years. The revenue from offline retail is approximately 25% of the total revenue. This revenue has been projected to go up by 60% in another three to four years.

Pureplay Skin Sciences has positioned itself as a brand with a conscience. It collects empty bottles and sends them to a certified recycler. Also, it offers a coupon of Rs.50 as a reward for being a responsible consumer. Plum also donates Rs.100 towards animal welfare for every order.

Shankar faced many challenges while forming the company. Some of them were identifying the sourcing ingredients, alignment of the packaging material with the philosophy, and maintaining an equilibrium between the business side and the creative side of things. But he overcame all of these and gave us one of the best products in the market.

Pureplay is expecting to cross the turnover of Rs.100 Crores very soon. Our best wishes with the Pureplay team. We look forward to many more sustainable skincare products. What type of products do you prefer? We would love to hear your opinion.


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