Mr Gurtej Sandhu, A Doctor of Patents!

History repeats itself. Looking at the past, Indians have surprised us with important inventions in varied fields. In Mathematics, Aryabhata gave the world the valueless but the most potent numerical “Zero”. In Science, Charaka gave the world the science of life also known as “Ayurveda”. In entertainment, Gyandev gave the world the game of intelligence and strategy which we call “Chess”. The list is unending. How can we forget our rich legacy? We can’t! We have got the man who has the mettle to continue the legacy and make us proud.

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Mr Gurtej Sandhu, an IIT Delhi alumnus, has got 1299 US patents till date. He is the first Indian who has got so many patents on his name. According to Wikipedia, he ranks seventh in the world on the list of the most prolific inventors. It will be surprising for you to know that Mr Thomas Alva Edison died with 1084 patents to his name. Mr Sandhu has overtaken the inventor of the bulb. Mr Shunpei Yamazaki from Japan with 5508 patents is leading in the race of the number of patents.  

Where is Mr Sandhu? Mr Sandhu is currently working as the Vice-President of Micron Technology.

How did it all begin? Gurtej, a London born kid, went to pursue Electrical Engineering in IIT Delhi. When asked him the reason to choose to engineer, he said: “I liked engineering better than medicine because I didn’t have to deal with blood.” Later, to pursue a doctorate in Physics, he went to the US to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. At that time, his interest grew in integrated circuits. His knowledge in the field helped him bag two job offers from Texas and Micron Technology.

Texas was the top American computer maker at that time. Micron Technology was established 11 years before Gurtej got the offer from Micron. Gurtej chose Micron Technology after consulting with his professors and mentor. He believed that the startup would help his learning curve to increase more speedily than a well-established firm.

Sandhu worked on Moore’s Law in Micron Technology. There he filed some patents on improving the count of memory cells to cram onto chips. The efficiency of memory cells was enhanced. The patent was filed in the name of the company. This was the start, and then he never looked back. Today the guy has got 1093 patents on his name. Impressive!

Mr Sandhu has been a blessing for the chip manufacturers around the world. They have used his patents and gained significant progress.

A big salute to the Indian treasure!

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