When an Empty Plate Satisfies Hunger

Imagine the last time you invited your friends for dinner. I am sure you guys might have had a blast. But what was the thing which was not fun for you? Apart from your friends going back, the other thing might be cleaning the dishes. Right? Well, would you be interested to know the trick to avoid cleaning of dishes? Either ask your friends to help you out or eat the dish. I might be sounding crazy, but the founder of Biotrem is not.

Biotrem is a Poland based firm which makes plates from natural wheat bran. This makes the plate edible. So you can eat your food as well as the plate and save yourself from the trouble of washing dishes. No matter whether the food is hot or cold, it can be served on these plates. You can also use these plates in oven and microwaves. The plates are 100% biodegradable.

Biotrem is made from wheat bran. We all are aware of wheat, but what does bran mean? Bran is the tough exterior of cereal grain – wheat, rye or oat. It is a rich source of dietary fibre and essential fatty acids. Bran also contains significant quantities of starch, protein, vitamins, and dietary minerals. Along with it, it is a source of phytic acid, which is an anti-nutrient and prevents nutrient absorption. Ten thousand units of plates can be made using one ton of pure edible wheat bran.

Image Source: Swedbrand Group

Apart from the trouble of washing dishes, plates designed by Biotrem helps in reducing the usage of plastic, thereby reducing pollution caused by plastic. Let us compare the carbon dioxide produced by the Biotrem plates and by disposable polystyrene plates. If you consider the whole wheat cultivation process, transportation, processing, and utilization – approximately 1.3 kg of carbon dioxide is released in the process.  In the case of disposable polystyrene plates – around 8.5 kg of carbon dioxide is released. The difference can help you appreciate the usage of Biotrem plates.

Image Source: Industry Europe

As far as pricing of the Biotrem products is concerned, it is a bit expensive if you compare it with the price of typical paper or plastic single-use tableware. But if you compare it with the pricing of other bio-based products, then pricing of Biotrem is pretty much on a similar scale. Biotrem expects the pricing to go down because of the good business by the firm.

Biotrem’s current product portfolio consists of a full range of disposable and wheat bran tableware products of varying diameters. The measure of this diameter ranges from 20cm to 28 cm. They also offer 20cm diameter bowl and 24*16 oval bowl.

Wheat is the primary source of gluten. So it is not suitable for people suffering from wheat or gluten allergies. Also, it is not ideal for those suffering from Coeliac or Crohn’s diseases.

So this is one initiative to lessen the plastic pollution and encourage steps towards keeping the earth green. Would you be interested in using Biotrem plates?

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